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Inland Marine

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Inland Marine Insurance typically covers property that is often on the move. It is intended to cover property much more comprehensively than what a general property policy may offer.  Property that is transportable in nature may be:

  • Computers / computer systems
  • Tools and equipment for artisan contractors (from mobile equipment to hand tools)
  • Fine Art Dealers / Galleries (covers the fine art and tools / equipment used in conjunction with fine art)
  • Photographers camera equipment
  • Motor Truck Cargo (covers the goods being carried by an insured trucker)
  • Transportation Form (covers goods shipped by or to our insured via common carrier)
  • Pet Groomers (covers their equipment, especially for those with mobile operations)
  • Veterinarians (covers their equipment, especially when portable in nature)
  • Vending Machine Form – used to cover vending machines (not the contents)
  • Dealers Service Form – covers equipment used by servicing contractors / installers (appliances, flooring, plumbers, etc.)
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