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Your business may be as valuable to you as your home and prized possessions, and protecting it may be just as important as protecting the rest. As a business owner, there are a multitude of challenges, positive and negative you may face, coupled with the continuous growth and expansion opportunities. With this in mind, it is important to adequately protect your business for today and the future.

Business Insurance may come as a single package including all coverage in one, or may come as coverages sold separately. There is Business General Liability Insurance, which is coverage for the operations of your business, Business Owners Policy which is a bundle package with multiple coverages in one, and Professional Liability Insurance for the personal and professional services and advice rendered and claimed harmful.

The Business General Liability Insurance, also known as Commercial General Liability Insurance, protects your business should bodily injury or property damage occur to others from the operations of your business. It provides coverage for Property Damage, Bodily Injury, Medical Payments, Defense costs and Personal and Advertising injury.

Typically purchased by small to medium sized business is the Business Owners Policy, (BOP). It is designed to address the similar kinds and degrees of risks smaller scaled business are prone to. Larger companies may be interested in purchasing a more customized and specific Business Insurance, tailored to the risks they specifically may face.

The Business Owners Policy, (BOP), is a combined coverage package which provides for property, general liability and business interruption damages. It maintains strict underwriting guidelines which include maximum allowed square footage for office, retail or apartment associated risks. It is typically considered for small and main street business such as hardware stores, boutiques, barber shops, convenience stores, medical offices, accountant offices or low density apartment houses. It is designed to protect a business owner from potential losses to reduction in value, costs to replace and operate and loss of income. Coverage provided encompasses your business’ physical structure, personal property inside and out, equipment, computers and cash.

Professional Liability Insurance further protects you and your business, as well as your employees, from claims and lawsuits stemming from negligent advice, and may also account for your legal defense expenses.

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